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We are excited to officially launch Liberdy’s Bounty Campaign! Throughout this 4 month campaign we will be offering a total of 1% of all the “LIB” tokens to be created. The tokens will be divided between several social bounty campaigns in order to spread the word about Liberdy. The exact duration of the campaign will be from its launch until the end of the TGE, which will be on a closing date to be announced later or when the TGE’s hard cap is reached.

Participants in each campaign will share the total allocated bounty designated for their task, in accordance with the stakes they received. The purpose of the bounty campaign is to maximize Liberdy’s exposure around the world. However, we will not tolerate any misconduct, spam, trolling, abuse, bots or multiple account creation from our bounty participants. Any misconduct will cause an immediate ban from the program and loss of all stakes.

Please pay close attention to the following description of each bounty to avoid misunderstandings.

Here you can see the current Content bounty stats:

Content creation campaign – up to 30% of the LIB bounty

The best way to get the community’s attention will be by letting the community itself review and evaluate Liberdy and see the amazing potential and innovation it has to offer. Our Content Creation bounty was designed for all you influencers & opinion leaders out there to create blogs, reviews, articles and videos and publish them to large audience, attracting attention to Liberdy’s amazing data revolution.

The content should be published in major media outlets across the web. In order to participate all you need to do is contact Liberdy’s CM on Telegram or BitcoinTalk, present your idea and get his approval to start generating content.

Please DO NOT start creating your material before approving it first as you may be denied.

All the published materials will be evaluated based on their originality, quality, length, date of creation and the platform on which they were published. All these factors will contribute to determining the exact number of stakes the creator will receive.

The minimum threshold for written materials is 500 words while videos must be a minimum of 5 minutes. Stakes will vary between 25 for a translated company blog to 1,500 for a great quality coverage article or a video

Once again, please do not start working on your material without getting our approval first, in order to avoid wasting your time.

Content Application form

Here you can see the current Agents and ambassadors campaign stats:

Telegram agents campaign – up to 20% of the LIB bounty

Within the current crowded market, a great project like Liberdy can get easily overlooked. We all know the power of a friend’s recommendation, so we want to expand our community and bring our friend’s friends into our inner circle as well. In order to build a wide network of early adopters of Liberdy’s platform, we want you to be our spokesperson and get a reward for doing so.

For every 5 new members introduced, who join our the Telegram channel, you will get 2,000 LIB tokens!

Make no mistake the Telegram agents campaign is intended for onboarding our community and helping us spread the word about our innovative platform by having you inviting your friends to join us. Any attempts to add random people, solicitation, false promises or other misconduct will lead to your immediate disqualification and you will be banned from all Liberdy’s campaigns without any option for appeal.

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Liberdy’s Reddit campaign – up to 10% off the LIB bounty

Currently being the hottest place discussing crypto and Blockchain technologies we believe our presence in Reddit is critical for Liberdy’s success. Getting publishers to integrate with our platform will require us to obtain large amounts of user’s data and thus Reddit is probably the best place to achieve our first user’s attention.

To take part in Liberdy’s Reddit campaign first subscribe to our official Subreddit at: https://www.reddit.com/r/LIBERDY/ Each week all our Reddit campaign participants must upvote at least 3 of our official posts and comment on at least 3 official posts as well. Participants weekly stakes will be calculated as follows:

  • 1-2,000 Karma points: 1 stake/week
  • 2,001 and more Karma points: 2 stakes/week

After subscribing to our Subreddit participants must fill out the following participation form so we will be able to monitor their activity – https://goo.gl/forms/ABqsgNBbzFWHm20E3

Ambassadors of Liberdy Campaign – up to 10% of the LIB bounty

Good data is the key for every successful online operation, and advertisers need data in order to understand our needs. Most of us are not aware of the use companies like Google and Facebook make of our personal information and how they sell it to advertisers. Liberdy is here to change the online advertising ecosystem by rewarding us for the data that we’re already sharing with online advertisers, all over the world.

This is exactly why we want our message to be heard in as many possible languages and communities. As our ambassador you can host or arrange a local meetup where you will be given our materials to present in front of your native community. If you are considered an opinion leader in your circle you can put your influence into action, educate your community about our vision and be rewarded for it. Being Liberdy’s ambassador can also be achieved by performing translation services and other activities raising awareness of Liberdy in your local community, If you have something in mind please contact us and let us know all about it. Here are some translation alternatives:

  • Arrange a local meetup – 3,000 stakes
  • Whitepaper translation – 1,000 stakes
  • Website translation – 700 stakes
  • Specific language ANN threads – 500 stakes
  • Article translation – 300 stakes
  • One pager translation – 100 stakes

All translations must be approved first and will be checked for Google translating and copying, which are grounds for disqualification

In order to take part in the Liberdy Ambassadors Campaign, please contact one of our Community managers in Telegram or Bitcointalk.

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To see the Social networks stats:

Here you can see the current Social networks campaign stats

Social networks campaign – up to 10% of the LIB bounty

Join our social channels and get rewarded! To qualify for the bounty, each of the social networks campaign participants must be active in our Facebook page, Twitter account and our Telegram group and do the following:

Facebook Likes/Shares

First, like our Facebook page at: https://www.facebook.com/liberdy.wpengine.com/
Then, until the end of the campaign you must Like or share at least 5 posts per week made on our official Facebook page. Please note that in order to be eligible, every participating Facebook profile must contain a minimum of 200 friends

  • 200-700 followers – 1 weekly stake
  • 701 + followers – 2 weekly stakes

Application form

Twitter Re-tweets

First, follow our Twitter at: @Liberdy_
From the moment you follow us, until the end of the campaign,you must re-tweet at least 5 tweets per week made by our official Twitter account AND create 2 tweets of your own per week about the project, using our Hashtags #Liberdy #ReclaimYourData

Any retweets of Liberdy’s retweets will not be counted. Please note that in order to be eligible, each Twitter profile must have a minimum of 150 followers

  • 150-1,000 followers – 1 weekly stake
  • 1,001 + followers – 2 weekly stakes

Application form


Join our Telegram here: http://t.me/liberdy and stay in the group until the end of the TGE Spam or aggressive messages are forbidden. Do not discuss bounty in the group.
Please note: In order to enable us to use our external monitoring tools you must register to the campaign using the designated form – Participants who fail to register will not be rewarded!

Application form

Misc – up to 20% of the LIB bounty

The miscellaneous bounty pool will be reserved for additional future campaigns, backup for overcrowded campaign pools and for your suggestions. We have several more bounty ideas and we will announce them later as the campaign progresses. If you have an idea for a campaign, or if you have an offer for your services such as: listing in TGE info pages, leads to sponsors and advisors and whatever you think is relevant and worthy please contact us at: info@liberdy.io

Reclaim your Data

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