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The Data Trading Platform That Rewards Users

A new and fair digital economy based on blockchain technology
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Disrupting The Digital Advertising Industry

Liberdy leverages the advantages of blockchain technology and GDPR regulation to empower users to manage their data rights. By reclaiming their data, users become equal partners in the online advertising ecosystem for the very first time.


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Liberdy Crew

The Liberdy team is comprised of enthusiastic adtech industry veterans committed to creating a level playing field for a smarter and fairer digital advertising world.

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Kobi Ram

Kobi Ram CEO

Koby Ram is an experienced entrepreneur, who prior to joining Liberdy, was Founder and CEO of Vexigo, which he later sold to a NASDAQ entity. Koby has held various senior executive positions. He served as Vice President of Business Development for Civcom, which he primed for its acquisition, and he was Co-Founder and Vice President of Business Development in Anywhere Technologies Ltd. He holds a B.Sc. degree in Computer Science and Mathematics from Ben-Gurion University.

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Itsu Tamam

Itsu Tamam CTO

Itsu has 17 years of experience in managing software development teams in a variety of fields and markets such as biotech, security, law enforcement, and media ad-tech. For the past 7 years, he has served as the CTO of Songo Media, a global cross-platform performance advertising network, supervising all technology projects, executed by 10's of developers, in around 15 different lines of businesses. He designed and built the company's infrastructure, the core of Liberdy’s distributed high-performance ad serving, tracking, and analytics mechanism.

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Gali Rosen

Gali Rosen CMO

A seasoned business development & marketing professional with over 15 years experience, Gali has a proven track record in leading international companies to growth and revenues, leveraging her business and technology skills. She brings to Liberdy vast experience in strategy, marketing, and the successful positioning of online companies. Gali has managed Sales and Marketing teams in various companies and has led complex business development initiatives that includes M&A, establishing JVs and opening new markets.

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Anton Suslonov

Anton Suslonov Economist

A business economy expert, with 24-year experience in financial analysis, project investment and business development, Anton is an Austrian economics adept. He is an enthusiast of network social interactions research, cognitive science, and artificial intelligence, as well as a veteran entrepreneur and computer science professional.

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Dr Anna Becker

Dr Anna Becker Chief Scientist

Anna holds a PhD in AI from the Technion, the Israel Institute of Technology and is a highly successful entrepreneur. She was Founder and CEO of Sherpa, a boutique financial services company, delivering advanced data intelligence, technology and commercialization services. Prior to that, she served as CEO for Vito Trading and was Founder and President of the online financial software provider Strategy Runner.

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Ido Ottolenghi

Ido Ottolenghi Community Manager

Ido is a crypto enthusiast with over 5 years of experience in the ad tech industry. Prior to joining Liberdy, he served as Head of Supply at VidRide, where he managed demand and supply side teams, orchestrated programmatic media methodologies, streamlined and optimized account management operations.

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Nir Shimoni

Nir Shimoni Community Manager

Nir is a blockchain devotee with a background in advertising technology. Before coming on board as a Community Manager at Liberdy, he served as Head of Demand Operations at VidRide. Prior to that, Nir founded and ran Zitto, a boutique social marketing company.

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Maria Timonina

Maria Timonina Community Manager

Maria is a digital marketer with more than 8 years experience. Last 4 years she worked closely with Blockchain and Cryptocurrency communities all over the globe. Before joining Liberdy Maria successfully launched Mosgorpass application which were featured several times in AppStore and now takes a worthy place in the top twenty Navigation App in AppStore Russia.

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Sami Awad

Sami Awad Community Manager

Sami Awad is a technology and digital-life aficionado with more than 5 years' experience in the marketing and advertising spheres. Before joining Liberdy, as a Community Manager, he served as an Account Manager at VidRide. Sami holds a BA in Business, Marketing and Advertising and an MA in Organizational Behavior and Development.

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Tal Gokhberg

Tal Gokhberg Software Developer

Tal Gokhberg is an experienced Software and Blockchain Developer, with a BA in Economics from Tel Aviv's Academic College. Prior to joining Liberdy, Tal served as a Software Developer at Songo Media where he developed reusable components and applied machine learning / deep learning techniques for challenging problems. Tal also served as a MATLAB Developer at Systematics Ltd.

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Snir Hassin

Snir Hassin Chairman

An internet entrepreneur since his high school days, Snir has built adtech companies for the past 8 years under the Songo Media umbrella in the fields of mobile, video and publishing technologies. As a Songo Co-Founder and Israeli office General Manager, he has managed teams of over 100 people, leading the business to $50M+ annual revenues and substantial profitability. He also has vast experience and knowledge in Adtech, M&A and Strategy.

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Iri Zohar

Iri Zohar Advisor

A highly successful serial entrepreneur, was the founder of eXelate, a first party data management platform, that was sold to Nielsen for 200 million USD. Prior to establishing eXelate, he founded and then sold Oridian, a leading ad network, to Ybrand. A trailblazer who is always at the forefront of technological innovation, Iri is a world-renowned AdTech industry expert, and a proven authority on startup strategy, business modeling and strategy execution.

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Ram Avissar

Ram Avissar Advisor

Ram is a Crypto-veteran involved in the space since 2013 as an angel investor and a big fan of the technology. In 2017 Ram founded BITSME, an investment banking firm specializing in Crypto based ventures and was part of the founding teams in well known projects, such as CoinDash, Matchpool, Lendoit and others, building their communities and marketing structures from scratch while guiding them through launching their own tokens. Ram is also a certified Adv, specializing in financing rounds and M&A and a CPA, formerly at EY Israel.


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